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The novel Bombing the moon is a great ride. Every twist is driven by one or more of the characters and the reader may ask themselves; “how will Chislett pull these four characters together, how can she possibly end it?” Then, when the reader finishes the novel, as I did, they won’t have guessed the ending, but in reflection, they can see that everything was heading in that direction the whole time. A super engrossing and satisfying read.

Genevieve Weidman

In Bombing the moon, you get a free-fall into family dynamics that are achingly familiar, revealing something brutally honest. Bombing the moon is beautifully painted on an international canvas, with the story set in a Canadian prairie city as well as urban Kenya. Chislett portrays both of these settings with ease so her readers can enjoy the movement between. Bombing the moon was the perfect read for me, and would be for anyone who appreciates a well-written novel with characters struggling with the evolving reality of their lives.

Joan Birrell-Bertrand

Bombing the moon by Nancy Chislett is a cleverly written story weaving the theme of tough love through the action. Her main character, Devin, is drawn from Winnipeg, Manitoba, into the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. This novel is engaging, delightful, and very coherent. Nancy has a wonderful ways with ideas and words. She knows how to make her readers empathize with her characters. I am so looking forward to re-reading Bombing the moon when it is published.

Joanne Rush


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