Autumn has begun and that back-to-school spirit is in the air. After a break in July, I’m back in my office writing the second half of a second novel that I haven’t settled on a title for yet. It’s difficult coming back from a break, even if you don’t “work for the man.” It’s not as hard as that, especially with a pandemic going on. I remember that soul-shattering ache in my chest when I’d slip out of bed too early so that I could fight traffic for thirty minutes, only to then start a day of work and contend with the political dynamics of a towering hierarchy (I worked at a university).

I’m happy to write, which is to say that I’m content enough. I get lost in the flow and a seeming spiral of decisions that need to be made even as a very rough draft is developing. But it’s not all rainbows. There is some marketing and promotion to do, something I think few artists like to pursue. Yet, here I am, telling you about a free, online event I’ve got coming up.

The Manitoba Writers’ Guild is located in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, but unlike my book launch, this is purely an online affair. Over the last few years I haven’t had much to do with that meeting app everyone’s been using called zoom. I’d say my understanding of it is rudimentary, though there’s no expertise needed to attend. Participants can connect by emailing the MWG at Mention my name and they will send you a zoom link.

I will do a reading or two from Bombing the moon and answer questions from the audience about the book, my writing process, anything like that.

The Book Chat with the Manitoba Writers’ Guild starts October 12th, at 7 pm, and will be hosted by Susan Rocan. I hope to see your face there!